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NYC'S Design Challenge
It 's the difference between the expectations of a latrine and a bathroom, though small in size. The bathroom is the first place where we go in the morning, barely awake and is the last where we go at night before bedtime: the importance of enjoying a nice bath is essential for the successful launch of a new day and for its good closure.

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Barcelona Tower Competition
My choice then was to put, almost like a cultural mediation,  a building which seeks to bring back in the square of the elements  that belong to the history of Barcelona with the aim of creating a sort of link between the past and the modern :  severity and creativity, which in my opinion  are the two distinctive features of Catalonia.

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Lazise Cadenon Bridge

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Lapsus a collection of fantastic and abstract or nuanced transformations of the reality : a series of images and colors of a landscape newspaper, which we usually do not consider, because the daily routine often does not leave us time to "look."

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raffaele cavazzoni artist & architect
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75018 - Paris
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