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close to the eyes
A collection of images that range from the abstractism to the expressionism: the fusion of shapes and colors, "processed" to the computer with a photo-graphic software and printed by digital process on canvas, defines and causes thei artistic, pictorial and emotional quality. 
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bon nuit!
The images "moved and blurred", obtained by clicking on the move, appear indeterminates and rarefied, the fusion of lights, shapes, colors and dark areas determines and assign them pictorial and emotional features. 
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le grand bleu
I wanted to create a "suspension" effect, reproducing with shapes, lights and colors, the alienating situation, but at the same time, seductive that you may feel only underwater: a quiet, relaxing, cancellation condition of our usual idea of the space and of the time. 

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My research is to explore and propose the exasperation of reality in the portrait, the various effects and expressions that characterize a human face. My favorite characters are the street performers and what interests me is a '"snapshot" of the subject in action, the depiction of facial features and the search of the expression that characterizes him.   (...go to the page) >>
what are you watching?
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raffaele cavazzoni artist & architect
7 place Jean Baptiste Clément
75018 - Paris
Tel: +39 335 1098483
Fax: +39 0376 292 022